What I’m Reading | April, 2017

Like most writers, I’m also a heavy reader and thought it might be fun to begin making monthly posts highlighting a few of the books and authors I’ve enjoyed on my Kindle and bookshelf. Normally I read at least a few books each month, and sometimes, two per week depending on my current writing goals. Most of what I enjoy reading is from independently published authors like myself, books on writing craft, and various fiction reads. My taste in fiction is slightly eclectic, mainly flavors of romance but also favorable of various short stories in most any genre.

To be upfront, I’m not a critical reviewer, so you won’t find any harsh opinions here. I’ll typically share what I’ve enjoyed about a book and leave the role of criticizing for someone else. The world is filled with critics and opinions are like — well, you know the phrase. I get no rise from adding to the great pool of those that get a rush from that kind of thing.

As this is my first post on what I’m reading, I’ll start with what I’ve completed over the last few weeks and continue with what I’m currently reading.

Write Naked by Jennifer Probst

First up and probably my most useful read of this past month was Write Naked by Jennifer Probst. This one came out on March 31st, 2017 and I happened to pick up the paperback version while book browsing at B&N, completely unaware that this was a new release. What a find for me, as this writing book is perfectly tailored for romance authors. I always love any book on writing and this one did not disappoint.

My review on Amazon:

As an author just getting my feet wet writing in the romance genre, this book has instantly become my holy grail and I knew it would be within the first few pages. Documenting her entire journey, Jennifer actually got ‘naked’ herself by sharing exactly what it takes to become a best-selling romance author in today’s world. By the time I’d reached the second half of this book, I felt like Jennifer was a dear friend, cheering me on all while coaching me with very personal, valuable insight and writing tips that I’ll surely be referencing for years to come. By the end, I was certain that what I’d learned will enhance my career as a romance writer forever.

Aspiring writers: This is the kind of stuff you want to know, trust me. Whether you are just beginning your writing journey or have been writing for many years, this book is an absolute must-have. I’m very glad I bought the paperback version of this book because it now has a permanent spot at my writing desk for quick access to the pages I’ve marked and highlighted. I’ve also just purchased the eBook version for quick access while I’m writing on the go. Yes, it’s that good.

As of this post, Write Naked is currently the #1 New Release in Romance Fiction Writing Reference on Amazon. I feel a writer of any genre will gain a wealth of advice from this best-selling author’s perspective, especially romance writers. As a side, for romance readers like myself, if you are new to Jennifer’s work, be sure to check out her romance novels which include over a dozen titles, like her bestselling book The Marriage Bargain. You can learn more about Jennifer and her books at her website JenniferProbst.com.


Blood Moon by Justin M. Kelly

I was introduced to Justin M. Kelly’s book, Blood Moon through a post in a Facebook writing group and enjoyed this exciting little read immensely. Though you may not expect it from a romance writer, I was actually raised on a remote ranch in the country during my formative years and, thanks to my rustic upbringing, I love any story that features survival in the wild. Like magic, this book conjured up images from my own childhood adventures, of times when I’d be playing survival games on our acreage with my brothers. Barefooted and wild, we would run with our crude ‘fighting sticks’ hunting for dangerous predators and sometimes even find them. It was so wonderful for me to re-live that feeling from my youth again through Justin’s writing.

My review on Amazon:

This wonderfully crafted short story was a real page-turner for me. The author did a great job of quickly transporting me into Terek and Reymir’s world where I became immersed in their journey and personal struggles. I was pleasantly surprised by what each of the young men learned about themselves and each other before this tale came to an end. Looking forward to reading more from this author and hopeful for a continuation.

Justin is currently an independently published author and working on writing more books at the time of this post. You can pick up a copy of Blood Moon here at this link and learn more about his books at his website, http://justinmkelly.com His writing ‘voice’ has made me an instant follower and I’ll be thrilled if he continues writing more books that weave tales of human empathy with endurance while surviving threats of the wild.


Currently Reading…

For the titles below, I’m still in the process of reading them and so I’ll include updates on my thoughts of these two books with my next monthly, ‘What I’m Reading’ post.

Launch to Market by Chris Fox

Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

(PS: I’m hosting an Amazon Giveaway of this book, Wicked Designs here)

That’s all for now. Wishing everyone out there a wonderful weekend and happy reading!




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