#Wordcount 2,273 Words For Today

So I now have this lovely writing app (Writeometer) that starts ringing at 7:00am to me remind me how many words I need to write each day based on my current project goals and scheduled publishing dates. Today it buzzed in with a desire for 2,273 words because I did not have a chance to write over the weekend. Normally I like to keep each day under 1k words of writing and if I get more, wonderful!

So, here I am. I’ve poured myself a mug of tea and planted my butt down in the seat to dive into that writing… and I ended up right here. Writing on my blog.

Blog words count, right?

Ha, no. In all seriousness though, I do fall prey to procrastination from time to time, but today will not be one of those days because I’m way too excited about the current story I’m writing. Overall, I’m a pretty self-driven lady who gets things done and I don’t expect this day to be any different. It helps that I have a really exciting scene to write today where our leading lady in Capturing the Stowaway comes tumbling out of a cargo container directly at the boots of our hero. I’ve been looking forward to this part for quite awhile!

Getting a few hundred words out in the blog is always a nice warm up. It’s also a great way for me to say hello to you and those following along with me on this journey. To all out there, I wish you a good morning and for writers stumbling across this post: happy writing today and may you get word count in.




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